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Today, when people need to find information or a product or service to solve their problems – they turn to the internet for answers. The process of getting your website in the search results when people type keywords and phrases into search engines is called search engine optimization. Without it, you are unlikely to get anyone to your website.

Optimizing your web pages to improve your search engine exposure for relevant search phrases is critical to unlocking the potential of your website. There are many aspects that contribute to your site’s ranking, and improving the rank of a website takes time. Each time you take a step to improve your SEO, you have to wait for the changes to get “noticed” by the search engines before it starts influencing your search engine ranking. Lobster Marketing offers search engine optimization services to help you improve your search engine exposure and gain new traffic to your website. SEO starts from the initial development of your website and is an ongoing consideration for all content creation, social media marketing, and email marketing.


SEO Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and fully transparent.

Backlink Assessment

We identify opportunities for potentially valuable backlinks to your website.

Search engine rules are always changing

The most difficult aspect of search engine optimization is the fact that the rules are always changing. In 2014, Google changed their search algorithm over 500 times! Business owners and small marketing teams find it difficult to keep up with the frequent changes and it can be difficult to get (and keep) your website on the first page of search results for your keyword phrases.

The SEO team at Lobster Marketing is dedicated to learning the changes to search algorithms as they happen – spending our time reading and researching the latest trends so we can apply the SEO best practices to each of our client’s websites.


Lobster's SEO process

Lobster’s 5 Step SEO process is designed for your business to get the most out of our services

How it all begins


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First, let's get to know each other

When we embark on this journey together, the first step is to get to know you.  We'll send you over a questionnaire, set up a call to introduce you to the team, and to discuss your wants, needs, must haves as it relates to a new website and a successful SEO campaign.  We'll answer all your questions and make sure you understand the process.

Long-term strategy development


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We'll start collecting and evaluating data

Now is when we really dig in. We will evaluate your analytical data from your current website, conduct thorough keyword research relating to your location and industry, identify your competitors and establish a comparison. Using this information we will develop and implement a custom strategy that includes a new website that is optimized for your products or services.



Optimization to improve your online visibility

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Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint

Our on-page and technical optimization services have been developed and refined to focus on long-term success and not just immediate results that could have a negative impact in the long run. We will successfully optimize your website to:

  • Expand your online authority

  • Ensure you benefit from search engine algorithm updates and not be penalized by them

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Generate new leads

Attract and Retain Customers by offering helpful and valuable information


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Quality content is king

Website content, including service pages, blog posts and helpful articles, have the potential to attract your target audience.  The caveat is that it must be good, quality content.  People are more trusting of a website that is well-written versus one that is full of grammatical errors.  In addition, Google rates websites based on the quality of their content – so if you want your website to show up in the search results for your industry, it must be well-written and helpful! 

At Lobster Marketing Group, we create content that supports your marketing goals.  Our team considers how each piece of content fits into your overall marketing strategy and what goal it can accomplish.  If it brings awareness to your brand, helps grow your mailing list, converts prospects into customers or guides prospects along the journey towards the buying stage, we’ll create it!


How lobster marketing measures & Reports Successful Seo


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There are a number of factors that affect your website’s search engine rankings. While many marketing companies focus solely on specific keyword rankings to determine whether their SEO work is successful or not, Lobster Marketing takes a comprehensive approach that involves looking at leads from form submissions, calls to the website, and even live chat conversations. The cost per lead is calculated based on these metrics.

We’ll also look at Google Analytics to evaluate your website traffic, including organic search traffic, page views, and all other data. Looking at historical data lets us measure how well the company is performing month after month or from year to year, so we can watch for improvement or decreases in search engine traffic and figure out what we can do to increase web traffic.

All of our search engine optimization efforts are summarized in a report provided to each client. Each month, you’ll be able to see what activities Lobster Marketing has performed on your behalf, view page views and number of leads, and view any AdWords reports for paid advertising (if you participate in PPC).  It’s important to measure the results of all online marketing and search engine optimization strategies so you can continue the activities that offer results.


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