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If your website is not coming up on the first page of search results you’re probably not getting much traffic to your website. Having a website that people can’t find defeats the purpose. You can use pay-per-click advertising to help people find your website. Lobster Marketing uses platforms such as Google AdWords to drive traffic to custom landing pages on your website that encourage visitors to take action: fill out a form, call you, chat with a customer service representative, or make a purchase.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising from Lobster Marketing

Google Ads – Search Network

Lobster Marketing is a Google Certified Partner, which means we have surpassed Google’s benchmarks for experience, knowledge, and staff to effectively run a successful Google Ads campaign. We’ll create customized campaigns based on your products or services, so when someone is searching for your keywords in Google, the ads appear for your business.

We are very hands-on with our Google Ads approach – we don’t use any type of proprietary software to automate the process. Instead, our specialists are working in the account every day to maximize its effectiveness for you.

Google Ads – Display Network

The Display Network reaches 90% of all internet users worldwide and includes 2 million publisher websites like the New York Times and Weather.com. Lobster Marketing will take advantage of remarketing ads, which only show up to people who have previously visited your website. This is ideal for industries with longer sales cycles, for example, tourism and automotive, because people tend to need to have multiple engagements with you before they are ready to make a purchasing decision.


Remarketing (also referred to as retargeting) is another strategy we implement using Google Ads. While there are many different remarketing strategies, image ads are most the popular way to attract attention. Remarketing is a simple concept where these image ads will show to users who have visited your website as they explore other websites across the internet. As opposed to traditional banner ads that target users by interests and search history, remarketing allows you to hone in on people who have visited your site and drive them back to specific pages for additional consideration. 

Bing Ads

Similar to Google Ads, Lobster Marketing can advertise your website with Bing ads to make sure your website appears on search engines like Bing and Yahoo!.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has close to 1 billion users signing into their account every day and spending an average of 40 minutes per day on the social network. Advertising on Facebook makes sense! Ads are set up very similar to Google and Bing, where you can pay-per-click, however the targeting on Facebook is much more in-depth. Since users are willing to give up a lot of information to this platform, we can show ads to a broad audience or decide to target your advertisements to a very unique niche market. Ads on Facebook typically show up in a user’s news feed, or on the right hand sidebar.

YouTube Advertising (PreRoll Ads)

YouTube is the second largest search engine – after Google. Each month, YouTube users watch millions of hours of videos. Using PreRoll ads is a good strategy that shows your 15-30 second advertisement before a user can watch the video they have searched for. Lobster Marketing not only creates your videos for you, but we’ll also make sure they are effective at establishing your brand on YouTube.

Custom Landing Pages For PPC Campaigns

For all pay per click advertising and PreRoll Ads on YouTube, one of the most important factors of a successful campaign are the landing pages users are sent to after they click on your advertisement. Lobster Marketing designs, programs and creates content for the landing pages based on your unique business goals. Some landing pages might encourage people to pick up the phone and call you, fill out a form, or spend time chatting with a customer representative on your website. Our landing page designs are fully mobile responsive, so they look great and are easy to use, no matter what device people are searching from.

How We Measure Success

If you don’t measure the results of your online advertising campaign, you’re throwing money out the window!

Here is how we measure the success of your advertising campaigns:

Phone Calls and Form Submissions

Lobster Marketing uses the number of phone calls and form submissions you get as a result of our advertising as a primary measure of success. Using this data we can approximate the cost of each lead, compare that to the cost of your products or services, and determine what a profitable benchmark will be.

At Lobster Marketing, we only report on unique forms and phone calls so if someone calls five times from the same number, we just count that as one call. If a user fills out four forms, we only count one form filled out (the exception would be if someone filled out separate forms, such as a form for Widget A and a form for Widget B). This ensures we are provided the most accurate cost-per-conversion possible.

Cost Per Lead

The cost-per-lead is the largest measure of success we report on. If you have a great cost-per-lead, then hopefully your business is making money. For example, if you have a cost-per-lead of $30.00 and your products or services cost $50.00, you can easily see your ROI. We work with you to determine what your cost-per-lead needs to in order to ensure you are profitable, and then we implement strategies to ensure we hit that benchmark.

PPC Reporting

For your PPC advertising campaigns, every month we report on:

  • Cost

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Click through rate

  • Cost per click

  • Form submissions

  • Unique phone calls

  • Cost per lead

  • Click conversion rate

With Lobster, You Can See Exactly What is Going On

Lobster Marketing keeps everything transparent and we give you access to every account we manage for you. If you want to log into Google Ads and see how everything is set up, what types of keywords we target - you can. If you want to log in and listen to phone calls we have tracked for you - you can.

Every month you’ll receive a report that is easy to look at, simple to digest and present to owners, board members, etc – and it will contain all of the data you find important. These reports are completely customizable, so we can report on any metric you want to see. Your Lobster Marketing Strategist, Google Ads specialist, and SEO specialist will walk you through these reports every month, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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