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We are happy to be working with you!

We want this process to be simple and fast for you. Please take one minute and six seconds to watch our getting started video above. As soon as this video is over scroll down the page to begin the implementation process, if you don’t all hope is lost… (not really, we will just have to remind you)

- The Lobster Team!



Before we get started, these are the areas we will be working on together with you to deliver you brand new website!



Makes your website look incredible


Ensures your website shows up in search results


Builds site using the latest HTML 5 and CSS styles 


Step 1. Choose Your Pre-Designed Site


Step 2. Website Build Questionnaire

You should expect this to take about 5 minutes to complete and will cover a lot of the information needed to help us get started. If you don't know the answer to a question leave it blank and we will follow up with you.


Client Questionnaire


Step 3. Local SEO Set-Up

If you're receiving Local SEO services, please fill out the form below as it contains vital information needed for the setup. If you don't have Local SEO but are interested in this service, don't worry, there's a button for you too! Contact us to learn more.




Step 4. Provide Access To Your Listings

If you are receiving Local SEO services please grant us access to your listing by adding myteam@lobstermarketing.com as a manager to your Google My Business, Bing, and Yelp listings. Don't know how? No worries, click the button below for a guide that will walk you through this process.




Step 5. On-boarding Call

This is the time we will set aside to get to know about your company and gather necessary information to write the content for your website. In addition, we will ensure you are getting everything you need from your relationship with Lobster and answer any questions you may have.


Step 6. Provide Your Branding Materials

Logo Files

  • Send us your logo via email or upload it in the questionnaire in one of the following formats:

    • .png

    • .ai

    • .eps

  • Send us any other company branding materials you may have (QualityPro, Sentricon, Badges, Affiliations)

Photograph Files

  • We would love to have some original photos unique to you for your site!  Great shots would include:

    • Photos of the owner in company uniform

    • Company vehicles

    • Your techs working in the field

  • File formats we would accept are:

    • .jpeg

    • .png

    • .raw

  • To the extent you want to use photos from your existing site, we will need the original photo files for any photos you would like to bring over from your existing site with the exception of any stock photography used

  • Don't have any photos? Don't worry about it! Our designers have access to thousands of effective stock images for your pest control website which are included at no additional cost!

All photo and graphic files can be uploaded using the button below. 

Once you're in just drag and drop!

Upload Your Files Here



The quicker you provide the necessary information, the quicker your site will be up and running, so let’s get started!

Reach out to launch@lobstermarketing.com with any questions or call directly at (888) 891 - 5189