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So you need a new dishwasher? Perhaps maybe a new pet groomer? Or a new car, or toaster or pest control company. It doesn't really matter what product or service you're in the market for, what's the first thing you do when it's time for that purchase? You "Google it" for reviews!

If you're like me, you've made your buying decision even before stepping foot into that brick and mortar store or making the call to set up an appointment. Online reviews are searched by millions of people every yours stand out? Are they making an impact when a potential buyer reads them? If the answer is no, you need Podium.

Podium can help you obtain, manage and respond to online reviews from one central location. Even better, since not all online review sites are created equally, Podium makes it easy to prioritize which sites you should be choosing to help your business shine. 

So how does Podium work? ask your customers for the review via the most common form of communication today, text message. 

With the SEO impact of online reviews, Lobster Marketing saw the importance of a service like Podium so we became a certified reseller in June 2017. This partnership means no start-up fees and discounted monthly pricing for all Lobster members. It's a win-win for everyone! 

To learn more, click here or you can reach out today at 1-888-891-5189.


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