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Have you heard about Google’s latest “Penguin” Update? It has the SEO world buzzing and we wanted to keep you in the loop, too! This update launched back on April 24th, 2012 and it was a change to Google’s algorithm it was to help eliminate spam that is shown as a result when someone does a Google search. Google wanted to punish spammers with this update, especially those folks that do any ‘keyword stuffing’ in their content or on their pages, as well as any other activities that are against Google’s guidelines.

It may still be too soon to tell whether or not this worked the way Google has intended, but it has not have affected any of our client's organic (organic = not paid) search results on Google. At Lobster Marketing, we work hard to make sure that all of our sites are free of spam and since this updated was targeting spam mainly, your website was almost certainly not affected.

From our research, we’ve learned that Google values good solid content and if this update has taught us anything, it’s that in order to keep ranking high in Google’s search results, readable content creation (with an emphasis on readable!) is the way to go. The Penguin update has shown that a company blog that is continuously adding new content is good for ranking and can only assist in improving your organic search rankings with Google. Not only will adding valuable new content improve your site overall, you’re adding information to your site that visitors can actually learn from, prompting them to return to your site often for more information about subjects that pertain to your field of expertise. More people visiting your site = more people filling out your contact forms = more customers, simple as that! If you have any more questions about what the Penguin update is all about, check out these blogs by online SEO bloggers for more clues to what this whole crazy update was all about!

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