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Awhile ago we let you know about some of the changes going on with Google Places. Since then, we’ve watched as all of our client’s Google Places pages were slowly changed over to the new Google+ Local format. This has not done much to how your customers find you online, but it will mean a lot for our clients in the future. And it will mean a lot for your customers as well!

With the new Google+ Local format, you can add more photos and more videos to your Google+ Local page. The process in which a customer leaves a review has also been modified, requiring the customer to log into their Google+ page before reviewing your business and giving them a new and simpler scale on which to rate your services.

In the future, we know how important these pages will be to your online presence, and we feel it will be very important to supplement your Google+ Local page with a Google+ Business page to get the most out of your online presence with Google. The business page, together with the Google+ Local page will be similar to your Facebook page, allowing you to make comments and announcements that can be seen by folks on Google+ that have added you to their ‘circle’, and will allow your customers to make comments and ask you questions publicly. This will be a great asset to your current Google+ Local page (previously the Google Places page) and we are encouraging our clients to take advantage of the Google+ Business page as early as this summer to make sure you get the most out of your Google presence!

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