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News From The AdWords Front



Back in our March newsletter we wrote to inform you about changes that were coming to Google AdWords. Today we wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that if we handle your AdWords account, all of your campaigns have successfully been upgraded to the Enhanced Campaigns!

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Hashtags On Facebook: Not Just For Twitter Anymore



Facebook has recently rolled out hashtags for Facebook. If you’re not part of the Twitter-sphere but you spend time on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed (more than once!) your friends integrating hashtags (#) into their comments. You may have even seen hashtags on the screen during your favorite TV show and wondered what they meant. Simply put, hashtags are a way for people to come together with their interests online and join in on a similar topic of conversation. Hashtags also allow the rest of the world to see what people find interesting here and now, allowing for a larger view of what’s happening or what people are talking about.

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Google's Penguin Update- What Does This Mean For You?



Have you heard about Google’s latest “Penguin” Update? It has the SEO world buzzing and we wanted to keep you in the loop, too! This update launched back on April 24th, 2012 and it was a change to Google’s algorithm it was to help eliminate spam that is shown as a result when someone does a Google search. Google wanted to punish spammers with this update, especially those folks that do any ‘keyword stuffing’ in their content or on their pages, as well as any other activities that are against Google’s guidelines.

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Press Release In Pest Control Magazine



LOVELAND, Colo. — EnviroPest, owned by Worth Watching list member Marc Dykstra, launched PCOCENTRAL, a marketing company created specifically to assist pest management companies throughout the United States.

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