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Lobster Marketing Group, LLC.


I can't say enough about quality and service I received. I highly endorse using PCOcentral for any of your marketing needs!

Emily Athas

Waltham Pest Services

What Is Lobster Marketing Group?


Lobster is a marketing company that was first conceived and developed specifically for the pest control industry.  The industry of pest control lacked the professionalism in marketing efforts both online and offline and were determined to help companies show an image that wasn't clouded with gas masks and pesticide sprayers.  Founded by a graphic designer with marketing experience in pest control, Wesley Hamel and Owner of EnviroPest of Colorado, Marc Dykstra, Lobster Marketing was originally just an idea that overtime with enough support - became a reality.  In late 2009 Wesley and Marc teamed up with Matt Nixon, CEO of AmericanPest of Maryland to help finalize the creation of the Lobster Marketing Group.  In January 2010 Lobster Marketing Group was created as a DBA under the business name of PCOcentral, LLC.  

Today, Lobster Marketing Group has grown from a one man operation run out of a basement, to a growing company that employees over 13 employees dedicated helping pest control and other service related industries all over the nation.

What We Offer

Lobster Marketing Group is more than just marketing, its an idea and a new thought process.  Its the idea that any company that uses Lobster, finds a solution to their marketing needs.  The thought process is companies are created differently and we position ourselves as becoming an extension to your marketing department, not just a marketing company.  If your needs for marketing are high or low, Lobster is craft our services into a program that works for your budget and your ongoing marketing needs.  View our member list and see the companies we work with and that we have helped.